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    Project of was created by Arjan Daswani, a Director within AGSA and hosted with a large support of Co-Directors within the Board, whose names with photographs appear below, under the auspices of AGSA (A Tax Exempt, Non-profit Sindhi Organization view at

  • Project Scope

    This project is meant for globally dispersed Hindu Sindhi community who migrated from their ancestral lands of Sindh as a result of 1947 partition of India and went to settle in several cities of India and all over the world, wherever destiny took them.
    The project is divided in two parts CENSUS and CONNECTIVITY.

    • Phase 1 - Census

      This registration is to count the total Hindu Sindhi globally dispersed and in each state and country of the World.

    • Phase 2- Connectivity

      The connectivity program is a platform to help all Globally dispersed Hindu Sindhis to connect with each other.

    • How it works!

      The website encourages all Hindu Sindhi to Login to without signing in and read all contents especially on Home Page, Overview, Sample Registration forms and this page. After being satisfied to sign in with personal Email ID and one password with details as per signing in requirement.

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    This page contains information about the Parent body : Alliance Of Global Sindhi Associations, Inc. along with the Life Members of the Founding Committee.

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    This page consists of messages from famous personalities regarding the work of Global Hindhu Sindhi.

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    This page consists of the latest news and events occuring in the Sindhi community.

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    This page contains all the success stories of GlobalHinduSindhi.Org

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