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Under the auspices of AGSA(Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations, Inc., U.S.A)


Registration form - Phase 1 - Census

Any Hindu Sindhi in the world may freely go to without signing in.

Before completing this form, please familiarize yourself with the project by reading Home Page, Project Scope, How it Works, and two types of Registration forms.

The Census here is conducted of All Hindu Sindhis in the World, of whatever age, gender, Profession / Classification, Country of birth, nationality and current domicile.

The effort is to bring them all into one Count.

In the case of Inter-racial marriages, any person now living, whose one of the parents backing from past five generations, was or is a Hindu Sindhi, may claim to be a Hindu Sindhi and shall be accepted as such.

A SikhSindhi may opt to be counted into this Census and Connectivity and may be accepted as such as our culture and traditions are almost the same. The project includes their siblings, kiths and kins wherever born or now living.

After being satisfied of your eligibility and the purpose of this project, please Login, Sign in with your own private Email ID and Password and Register for Census Online Free of any Cost.

This is a PILOT project initially intended for five years, subject to be reviewed by the Organizers from time to time.

The Census data is required for Administrative purpose only, it will not appear anywhere on the website openly and will be prohibited to use for any other purposes, except the Organizer’s official bulletins for the information of the Registrants when necessary. All protocols are followed to keep the data private and safe.

The first person in the form shall be the Primary Registrant. The Primary Registrants are requested to Register their Household members if possible in the same form otherwise please make sure they register separately.

The registrants under 21 years of age shall be auto transferred to the applicable age group every year till they attend the age of 21. ENTER PARTICULARS OF PRIMARY REGISTRANT

Enter Particulars of Primary Registrant

In this form sign ** means "Mandatory" and sign *means "Optional".

Note: Where the Registrant has no Family name to provide, please enter Father/Husband Name in the place of Family Name and leave Father/Husband Name blank.

Once you submit your registrations, please check your emails. You will receive an email with Activation link. Please click on this link to verify the registration. Please wait for 2-3 minutes to get the email. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder.

NOTE : You will be able to add other family members after your account confirmation, which will be mailed to your registered email address.
NOTE : For any confusions please go to HOW IT WORKS

Disclaimer by the Organizers:

We have undertaken this project for the betterment of the community in good faith and do not take any responsibility for anything going wrong due to any unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control and the control of the webmaster who has created and is continuing to maintain this Website.

We accept this Registration based on the Registrant's, and the other members under the same Registration's, acceptance to keep the Organizers and the Webmaster free from any claims of whatsoever nature.

The Registration is further subject to the Registrant's acceptance as under:

1. The Registrant confirms that he or she and any other household members on this form are Hindu Sindhis (or Sikh Sindhis) and he/she have read and fully understood the terms and conditions on this form and explained accordingly to other Household members, if any, included in this Census Registration form, who are of understanding age, accordingly.

2. The Registrant agrees that if the information he or she submitted is not correct, the organizers may at any time have that part or the whole Registration struck off with or without assigning any reason.

I accept and confirm on behalf of all names in this Registration form.
The Registrant.

After successful registration - it should auto prompt for phase 2 (Connectivity) form.

Profession / classification list to be separately confirmed. Click here to Register which will, upon verification of the Registrant/s email ID, prompt confirmation to Primary Registrant with unique code assigned to each name in this registration which should be retained by the individuals for all future relating to this project. Simultaneously, the system will prompt to Phase 2 connectivity.